UNLEASH Short One-Shot Manga Horror Story

In 2019, Ki-oon, a french manga publisher, launched the third edition of their “tremplin”. Thus, as you guessed, UNLEASH is my participation to this contest.
So for this contest the theme was free, the only restrictions was to do a finished story in 19 pages and 1 full color cover in the japanese reading direction.

A teenage girl laid a hand on a very rare and old mystic book, the “De Vermis Mysteriis”. With the help of two of her friends they are going to try one of its rituals, the “summoning”.

They soon realise that one of them really has the power to summon a demon into our world. But then who, among the three friends, have this power ? Because there is only one way to stop the summoning…

In addition, you can find a french version below.
Une version française est disponible plus bas.

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Magic Boy

Zilfin (aka Magic Boy) is a young boy who knows nothing of his past, but he is sure of one thing… he wants to become a magician. Unfortunately, everyone knows that magic does not exist. Zilfin does not like to face this reality and prefers to believe in a dream world where magic would really exist. Until the day he discovers a real grimoire. Feverily, he studies the book and, drunk with joy, soon proclaims himself ‘Magic Boy’. But he quickly discovers that magic is linked to his past and that it is not so idyllic but has a price… Trained in a dangerous journey, he will learn not to rely on the ease of his magical powers and will discover that his past reveals the secret darkness of the origins of magic. What will he choose to believe then ?
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